Harness Energy with Solar Energy Storage Systems

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Solar energy is the future of powering homes and businesses. While it’s a great way to conserve energy and “go green,” some people wonder why choose solar. Whether its budget concerns or understanding the benefits, allow us to explain why installing solar energy storage systems will be a positive change for your home or business. With many years experience in design, sales, and construction, the experts at Carr Creek Electric Service are here to help.

There are different energy storage system options available depending on what your needs are. These options include:

Carr Creek Electric Services' Off Grid Power Systems Bring you Independence

Off Grid Power Systems have been popular among residential and small commercial clients that are in remote areas. It typically will cost an exorbitant amount of money to have the local utility bring in power to the site. Clients don't want to pay to have power brought to their home or business or simply wish to be independent of power utilities. These systems typically consist of:

While these systems can be expensive, off grid inverter systems can be a wise investment by saving you energy costs in the future.

The size of system is determined solely on the loads that an owner wants to operate. For this reason, an off grid owner must be very energy conscious in the type of loads they operate. LED lamps, gas appliances, Energy Star appliances are paramount in these systems. Heavy loads such as electric heating, air conditioning, electric water heating, electric cooking, etc., usually cannot be directly connected to battery systems. However, through the use of generators, these loads can be accommodated in an off grid system.

If you're interested in learning more about off grid power systems, contact Carr Creek Electric Services for a quote or a site analysis.

Backup Power Systems that Provide Peace of Mind

In the event of bad weather or a power outage, you want to have a Grid Tied Battery Backup Power System to keep your home or business running smoothly. Battery Backup Power Systems are becoming more popular because they offer the use of utility power on a normal basis, and also provide power during an electrical outage. With the addition of solar photovoltaic, battery backup systems can run for indefinite periods of time without utility power. This allows an owner to run critical loads such as furnaces, sump and well pumps, refrigeration and lighting circuits without interruption.

As a bonus, during normal operation, battery backup systems with solar will offset utility loads. That means that not only do these systems provide security, but they have a return on investment, as well. Simply putting in a generator does not have a return on investment.

Like Off Grid Power Systems, Battery Backup Systems are sized according to the loads an owner wishes to protect during an outage. The more loads, the larger the system and investment. But unlike Off Grid Systems, Battery Backup Systems can have a smaller storage system. This is because outages happen rarely, so it is more acceptable to drain a battery bank more than what is usually recommended.

If you're interested in having a secure, backup power system, contact Carr Creek Electric Services today!

Improve Your Company's Energy Management with a Solar Energy Storage System

Are you tired of on demand billing with your utility company? Contact Carr Creek Electric Services about Energy Management with our Solar Energy Inverter Systems. Businesses that pay demand billing are all too familiar with high spikes in their energy usage. Demand billing works by the utility charging the customer less for the kilowatt/hour usage, but charges a set amount per kilowatt that the customer uses.

For example, a business might use 3000 kilowatt-hoursand the utility could charge a commercial customer .12/kWh, so they would see a bill for $360.00. A customer on demand billing would pay .06/kWh, thus paying $180.00. Sounds like a deal, right? Not necessarily. The utility will also charge that customer on the highest kW that the customer reached during that month. So if during that month the customer spiked at 25kW, then the utility would charge $10 per kilowatt, which charges the customer an additional $250.00. That business now pays $430.00 for their consumption.

Save Money with a Solar Energy System from Carr Creek Electric Services!

With Carr Creek Electric Services, our energy storage and solar systems can help with this problem. If the customer puts in a 10kW energy storage unit, they can now reduce that 25kW to 15 kW. Now the customer will pay the $180 + $150.00 = $330.00/month. The solar help in that the kilowatt usage will be decreased and the customer will pay even less.

Not only will you pay less, but you'll also receive the 30% Federal Tax Credit and Depreciation benefits. A solar energy storage systems are a great investment for farmers and small business owners who are looking to save money in the long run.

For more information or a site analysis, contact Carr Creek Electric Service!

Battery Brands and Types

Carr Creek Electric Services only uses the best products when installing solar energy inverter systems. We offer the following battery brands and types:

Battery Brands:

Battery types:

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